Rumored Crowder deal could set market for Alec Burks

The Detroit Pistons have been a part of so many trade rumors as the deadline approaches that it is hard to keep up. A recent report indicated that that Bojan Bogdanovic may be staying put in Detroit, which would leave Alec Burks or perhaps Saddiq Bey as the Pistons’ most likely trade asset. Burks is one of the NBA’s top 3-point shooters this season and has drawn interest from a number of contenders, including the Milwaukee Bucks among others. The Detroit Pistons have stayed consistent that it would take a “tremendous return” to get them to trade Burks, whose shooting is much-needed on a team lacking it. The league is still waiting for the first domino to fall, and for the market to be set for players like Burks, veteran role players who can help a contender but are not stars. One such player is Jae Crowder, who has yet to play this season for the Phoenix Suns, but may be on the move soon, which could give us an idea of ​​what the Detroit Pistons could get for Alec Burks. Detroit Pistons: Crowd er trade would set market for Alec Burks According to Shams Charania of FanDuel TV, the Bucks have been given permission to talk to Crowder and there may already be an offer on the table: In this deal, the Bucks would be sending two expiring veteran contracts, the 24-year-old Jordan Nwora and a second-round pick or two to the Suns for Crowder. This is hardly a blockbuster deal, but does give us some idea of ​​what the Pistons could expect in a deal for Burks. Burks is younger and better than Crowder, who may need time to get in shape after not playing all season. Burks also has a tasty team option for next season, so he’s a better asset, though in a similar tier as Crowder.Those factors should definitely make Burks a better trade asset, so this Crowder deal would be slightly below the baseline for what Detroit should demand in return for Burks. If Crowder gets you a young player and two second-round picks, does that make Alec Burks worth a protected first? A better young player? If not, the Detroit Pistons will likely just keep him, but if the Suns are able to squeeze more from the Bucks, it could be good news for the Burks’ market.

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