‘I just hope we can get somebody to buy it.’ Owner reopens business while still trying to sell it

SPENCER — A popular spot for eating is back open after the owner says it wasn’t selling. Spencer Grill and RV Park is off Interstate 15 near the Montana state line. Its proximity to many recreational sites, including Stoddard Creek Campground and Camas National Wildlife Refuge, makes it a tourist attraction for people around the world. Paul Williams, the owner, closed the restaurant in August due to several factors. One of those reasons was to help his wife, Christine, for health reasons. She was in a vehicle crash in February 2011, which caused bleeding on her brain, broken ribs, a lacerated liver and other injuries. RELATED | ‘It’s hard to walk away.’ Spencer Grill and RV Park is up for sale He says she is now doing a little bit better, but it’s still difficult at times. “With that brain injury, when she gets tired and fatigued, it’s pretty traumatizing to watch what she does and what she goes through, but she’s doing alright. She’s holding in there,” Williams told EastIdahoNews.com. Williams decided to open the grill back up at the end of December with help from his family after he had n’t had any luck selling the property. “We thought we had it sold in the middle of November. A guy sent in a check… and got the paperwork… but things didn’t work out,” Williams said. “We talked about it, and we just decided we better get our doors open at least a few days a week to see what happens and what direction we got to go.” He said Spencer Grill is only open Thursday through Sunday from 11 am to 7 pm and is closed three days out of the week. He says people who have come back after he reopened have been happy. “They have all been supportive and excited, and everybody has been way happy that we have opened back up,” he said. He said there are a few changes. The menu has been reduced; however, breakfast, lunch, and dinner is still served, and the quality of the food has not changed. “The whole reason why I did this business venture was I wanted better quality food. … The burgers are ground chuck, and the steaks are just premium cuts, and there’s really nothing out there that compares. That’s kind of what we are focused on and we are still focused on it,” he said. As for the property, Williams said he will continue to run it until it is sold. The restaurant along with the RV park is listed online. It is described as “a wonderful opportunity to acquire a popular business with direct daily exposure to thousands of travelers on I-15 running through the heart of Idaho’s desired camping, hunting, snowmobiling and fishing destinations. National forest within minutes.” Click here if you are interested in the property listed by Venture One Properties. “I just hope we can get somebody to buy it and run it. We just have to run it until that happens,” Williams said. Spencer Grill. | Courtesy Courtney Ramirez

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