But did he tip: Michigan boy, 6, who went wild on dad’s Grubhub account

CHESTERFIELD TWP., MI – He used his father’s Grubhub app like it was a video game, racking up more than $1,000 on large food delivery orders from one area restaurant after another. The question is… did he leave a tip? MLive first told you about Keith Stonehouse and his son Mason, 6, from Chesterfield Township in Metro Detroit earlier this week and since then, the story has gotten a lot of national attention from the likes of CNN, “Good Morning America,” “The Today Show,” local Detroit TV news and radio stations and more. You’ll recall, Stonehouse let his son use his mobile device to play a game for a half hour before bedtime last Saturday night while his wife, Kristin, was at a movie with some friends. That’s when Mason went on a wild spending spree using his father’s account. When we asked Stonehouse whether or not his son added tips onto each order, all he could say to MLive while he was still disgruntled was, “Oh, he sure did.” It turns out, Mason is a good tipper. He tacked on a generous 25% to each order in gratuities. And some of these were big food purchases, like five large orders of jumbo shrimp, multiple salads, numerous shawarma and chicken pita sandwiches, multiple orders of chili cheese fries, lots of ice cream and more. And it could have been even worse. So much food had been ordered from so many different places that Chase Bank actually sent Stonehouse a fraud alert declining a $439 order from Happy’s Pizza. However, the fraud alert didn’t go far enough because the $183 order of jumbo shrimp from the same place went through. “The doorbell rang again and it kept happening. Car after car. Cars were pulling into the driveway while others were pulling out,” Stonehouse said as he painfully relieved that evening with MLive. When it finally hit him what happened, Stonehouse said he looked at his phone and it had two repeated messages after another saying his food was getting ready and his food was being delivered. “I looked at my bank account and it was getting drained.” Stonehouse says there was nothing he could do to stop the orders. He says he tried to call one of the restaurants and an employee said he needed to contact Grubhub, but Stonehouse says he didn’t see a way to cancel anything and the food just kept coming. Since the news of this has gone national, Stonehouse says Grubhub has reached out to him and has asked to send a representative to the home to meet him and Mason. Grubhub also wants to give the family $1,000 in money to be spent on future orders on the app. Stonehouse says he’s still in discussions with Grubhub on whether to accept the offer. “To me, this screams negotiation,” said Stonehouse. “It’s like that episode of ‘Seinfeld’ when Kramer accepts the free coffee for life and shakes their hands right before they were about to offer him a million dollars.”MORE FROM MLIVE:Small Michigan coastal town ranked among the 20 most beautiful in the USSnow sharks turn heads in front yard of Michigan woman’s homeBelieve it or not, the top-rated Detroit-style pizza in the US isn’t in Michigan

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