How to get your credit card interest rate lowered

CHARLOTTE, NC — Just about everything is more expensive these days, even credit card payments. Most credit cards have what’s called a variable rate. That means that rate can change, and there’s a very good chance it has. According to the Federal Reserve, the average credit card interest rate in 2017 was 12.8%. Now, that average rate sits at 19.07%. That rate hike means people are paying more money per month if they’re not paying their credit card’s full balance each cycle. For example, a balance of $1,000 a month at the 2017 average rate of 12.8% would cost $128 in interest per month. That same $1,000 balance using today’s interest rate average of 19% is now costing $190 in interest a month. That’s a $62 difference. The good news is according to the personal finance website The Penny Hoarder, there’s a simple way to get an interest rate lowered: Just ask. Pick up the phone and call the credit card companies and simply ask for a lower rate. While there’s no guarantee to get the rate lowered, the Penny Hoarder said mentioning these four things during the call should help: WCNC Charlotte is always asking “where’s the money?” If you need help, reach out to WCNC Charlotte by emailing

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